Gaza Family Project Highlights

1. Rescue of U.S. Service Member's Mother: ACRL successfully facilitated the evacuation of a U.S. service member's mother from Gaza amidst the conflict.

2. Evacuation of U.S. Citizens: ACRL assisted in the evacuation of over 60 U.S. citizens from the warzone in Gaza.

3. Connection to Pro Bono Attorneys: The Gaza Family Project connects families with pro bono attorneys nationwide to facilitate the safe extraction of relatives from Gaza.

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The Arab American Civil Rights League (ACRL) has been dedicated to addressing civil rights issues impacting the Arab American and Muslim community since its establishment in 2011. Renowned for combating racial discrimination and economic inequality, our organization has garnered a formidable reputation through innovative programming, litigation, and coalition building.

Hotline Services- U.S Citizens trapped in Gaza

ACRL offers a dedicated hotline for U.S. citizens trapped in the Gaza war zone. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact us at the number provided.


The recent war in Gaza provided an unprecedented opportunity for ACRL to expand its advocacy efforts. Employing strategic litigation, we successfully challenged the US government’s policy failures regarding Palestinian Americans in Gaza, facilitating the evacuation of over 60 US citizens.

Recognizing the urgent need to support Palestinian Americans rescuing their extended family members, we launched The Gaza Family Project. This initiative connects families with pro bono attorneys and advocates for immigration pathways to extract qualified relatives from Gaza.

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Objectives and Activities

Objective 1: Pro Bono Attorney Program

 Created a program to help participants file I-131 parole applications, the only feasible means of evacuating loved ones.

Activity 1

 National Call to Action

Activity 2

Formal Relationship with Jenner & Block

Objective 2: Creation of Immigration Programs for Relatives in Gaza

Engaged in Michigan-based advocacy and congressional/federal advocacy.

Activity 1

Michigan Based Advocacy

Activity 2

Congressional and Federal Advocacy

Objective 3: Coalition Building and Public Awareness

Utilized storytelling with media and built relationships with diverse partners.

Activity 1

Storytelling with Media

Activity 2

Building Relationships with Diverse Partners


From Gaza to Home: Our Advocacy Ensures Safe Return for Families.

ACRL Announces Successful Rescue of Zahraa Sckak, U.S. Service Member's Mother from Gaza

ACRL is proud to announce the successful rescue of Zahraa Sckak, the mother of a U.S. service member, from Gaza. Our dedicated advocacy efforts, in collaboration with elected officials and community support, ensured the safe return of Zahraa Sckak to her family in the United States. This victory exemplifies ACRL’s commitment to protecting the rights and safety of Arab Americans both at home and abroad.

client testimony

“During the darkest days when my mother was trapped in Gaza, I felt utterly powerless. I didn’t know where to turn or how to make a difference. That was until I discovered the Arab American Civil Rights League (ACRL). With their guidance, I was enlightened about the power of advocacy and the strength of community action. Together, we fought to rescue my mom and rallied support from elected officials. ACRL became our beacon of hope, empowering families like mine to navigate through the chaos of conflict. Thanks to ACRL, my family, along with countless others, found a path to safety amidst the turmoil of Gaza.” Fadi Sckak, son of Zahraa Sckak.

ACRL Announces Successful Rescue of Zakaria and Laila Alarayshi from Gaza

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Hope Restored: ACRL Facilitates Safe Passage for Zakaria and Laila Alarayshi from Gaza

ACRL is pleased to announce the successful evacuation of Zakaria and Laila Alarayshi from Gaza, where they were in desperate need of assistance. Through our relentless advocacy efforts, working closely with Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib and other stakeholders, we ensured the safe passage of the Alarayshi family to a place of security and stability. This triumph underscores ACRL’s unwavering dedication to protecting and serving Arab Americans in times of crisis.

client testimony

“I didn’t think I was going to live. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the constant advocacy of Executive Director Mariam Charara as she was the pillar to not losing my faith and not giving up. She was on the call with me at any time I would call her throughout the night and day. Her help with Congresswoman Rashida and the ACRL helped rescue me and my wife from the life threatening situation in Gaza. Mariam’s support and tireless dedication gave us hope when all seemed lost. We are eternally grateful to ACRL for guiding us to safety and ensuring our family’s well-being.” Zakaria Alarayshi

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