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The Arab American Civil Rights League (ACRL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2011 in response to the overwhelming need in the Arab-American community for advocacy and protection of civil rights and liberties. The ACRL  is committed to protecting the civil rights of Arab Americans through education and advocacy. The organization, which is based out of Dearborn, Michigan, works to build coalitions, promote understanding and cooperation and combat negative stereotypes.  Led by prominent civil rights attorneys and advocates, the ACRL offers the community it serves a solid commitment to ensuring that their rights are protected and preserved.

Mission Statement

Our mission of the Arab-American Civil Rights League (ACRL) is to protect the civil rights of ethnic minorities. We will accomplish this by promoting awareness and dispelling negative stereotypes associated with Arab-Americans. The ACRL will serve as the driving force charged with uniting and channeling the constituency’s desire to effect meaningful change. The ACRL will work tirelessly to accomplish this mission by achieving the following objectives:

(a) Promoting, advocating, and defending the constitutional and civil rights of Arab-American and securing justice and equality for all;

(b) Combating negative stereotyping, including hate of all forms of Arab-American by educating the public at large about the positive contributions that Arab-American have made and continue to make to the United States;

(c) Working with Federal, State, and local authorities to educate, develop, and promote positive policies and governance;

(d) Aim to assure equal representation in government and in the private sector;

(e) Monitoring, combating, and scrutinizing defamatory material on the internet and other forms of media;

(f) By acting as a conduit between the Arab-American community and the media to assure adequate and accurate representation on issues of Arab-American concern; and

(g) Promoting cross-cultural and interfaith cooperation between the Arab-American community and its neighbors.

Board of Directors

Nasser Beydoun

Nasser Beydoun

Board Chairman

James Allen, Esq.

Jim Allen

Vice Chairman

Allen Brothers PLLC

Wally Jadan



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Nabih Ayad, Esq.

Nabih Ayad


Ayad Law PLLC

Mona Fadlallah, Esq.

Mona Fadlallah


Vida Law Group PLLC

Ismael Ahmed

Ish Ahmed

Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony

Rev Wendell Anthony

NAACP Detroit Chapter President

Chaker Aoun

Chaker Aoun

Garden Foods Inc. 

Dr. Mohamed Ayad, MD

Dr. Ayad

Bingham Medical Center

Marvin Beatty


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Hussein Berry

Hussein Berry

Nader Fakhouri

Nader Fakhouri

Nabil Fakih

Nabil Fakih

Dearborn Heights Pharmacy

Dr. Samuel Fawaz, MD


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Helal Farhat, Esq.

Helal Farhat

Farhat Law 

Mike Jaafar

Mike Jaafer

Wayne County Sheriff's Office

Megan Moslimani, Esq.

Megan Moslimani

City of Detroit

Rula Aoun, Esq.


ACRL Director